Hair & Shave

"Asking for financial advice from a financial planner is like asking a barber if you need a hair cut"


Cut & Finish (Scissors cut & style, stimulating wash & condition optional)€30
Basic Blade Cut€15
Blended Blade Cut (tiered blade cut or with foil shaver)€20
Fade (blended, tapered fade cut)€35
Skin Fade (blended, tapered zero fade cut) €35
Basic Beard Trim with Shape & Design (includes cut throat shaping, face massage with tonics & oils)€15
Deluxe Full Beard Trim (includes beard conditioning, cut throat shaping/design, face massage with tonics/oils)€20
Hot Towel Shave (our traditional cut throat wet shave with hot towels and face massage)€40
Long Hair (if you've left it a while it could take a while!)
from €35
Highlights (surfs up gentlemen!)from €50
Blend (shampoo treatment to take the edge off the grey)€30
Cut & Finish Courses5 Sessions = €125
12 Sessions = €270
Fade/Skin Fade Courses5 Sessions = €150
12 Sessions = €300

Please note that while we still accept walk-ins it's rare that we have availability, ie best to book online!

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