Check out our range of course and packages below and make some great savings

5x Drycuts€80
(€16 per cut)
12x Drycuts€180
(€15 per cut)
5x Wash, Cut & Finishes€100
(€20 per cut)
12x Wash, Cut & Finishes€200
(€16.67 per cut)
5x Full Deep Tissue Massages (5x1hr)€200
(€40 per treatment)
5x GMALE Face Treatments (5x1hr)€200
(€40 treatment)
5x Full Back Wax€200
(€40 per treatment)

Bespoke Courses

If your favourite GMALE treatment isn't listed please contact us at
We will be happy to create a course tailored to your needs.


The Classic - Deep Tissue Back Massage (25mins) & Microzone Facial (20mins)€40
The Auld One-Two - Wash, Cut & Finish and Hot Towel Shave€50
The First Date - Wash, Cut & Finish & GMALE Facial (1hr)€75
The Interview - Wash, Cut & Finish, GMALE Facial (1hr) & Handy Man€100
The Optimist - Wash, Cut & Finish, GMALE Facial (1hr) & Wax Treatment€100
The Morning After - Full Deep Tissue Massage (1hr) & GMALE Facial (1hr)€100
The NCT - Wash, Cut & Finish, GMALE Facial (1hr), Foot Forward & Handy Man€120
The Groom - Wash, Cut & Finish, Hot Towel Shave, GMALE Facial (1hr), Deep Tissue Back Massage (1/2hr), Foot Forward & Handy Man€170

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